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Monday Focus List !!!

November 26, 2018

Welcome Super Traders !!! My Rules and Strategy Required Reading Are At The Bottom Of This Watch List Everyday !!! Study my 3 types of trades and the rules that go along with each trade as well as my general rules. I want to make sure everyone is being disciplined and following the rules. Maximize gains with the winners and minimize losses with trades that do not work!!! FOLLOW RULES!!!

$$$ DAILY THOUGHTS … …….……. Follow the rules !!! SWING trades can take longer …CHART trades can work sooner……….……..

. FOCUS STOCKS – Stocks I could theoretically SWING or CHART trade day of list if criteria remains….potential trade plans listed……stop loss if trade didn’t work and profit taking area if it did …..

DOGZ CHART china pet supply company ……. personal stop loss would be the 4EMA …….…….personal target would be the $3’s or more if it works

JRSH SWING earnings winner ……. personal stop loss would be the 4EMA or low $7’s …….…….personal target would be the $8’s or more if it works

SVT CHART earnings winner ……. personal stop loss would be the 4EMA …….…….personal target would be the mid to high $12’s or more if it works

NDRA SWING or CHART NASH imaging , deal with GE….. ……. personal stop loss would be the 4EMA area or $3.50 area ….…….personal target would be the $5-$10’s or more if it works

PDEX CHART earnings winner ……. personal stop loss would be the 4EMA …….…….personal target would be the $14’s or more if it works

Rules and Required Reading !!!


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1) Day Trade will be labeled TRADE in the buy alerts. This is where I hold 1 minute to 1 day and is usually based on a current news item or theme. If I say daytrade / scalp that means I am in for $0.10-$0.50 per share profit (or more if it moves fast) long or short. Could be a very fast trade. If the trade goes against me I will usually sell right away and minimize my losses but this can be situational.

2) A Swing trade will be labeled SWING in the buy alert and this is where i will hold a stock until an event or target range occurs as long as the thesis does not change. Not based on chart. I will give my perceived downside loss risk and upside target range. Once it hits the target range I will start to take partial profit. No I do not know the exact time range each trade will take.

3) A Chart trade will be labeled CHART in the buy alert and this is where the Superman chart rules STRICTLY apply.

Superman Chart Rules – All entry and exits positions are made from the 12 month daily chart. ( The 2 year weekly and the historical monthly are used to see the potential strength of the move….also a stock can have 2-3 weeks of rest on the 2 year weekly). Stock is in play if it closed above the 4 Day EMA and RSI above 70 on the 12 month daily chart (see link below how I set them up). If I buy I know my downside risk and that downside is thee is down thee 4 Day EMA,which would be the area I would sell for a loss if it closes below. Also if it was to drop below the 4 Day EMA intraday and I think it is fatal or will not make it back then I may sell at that point intraday.

Typically I will use the close. As long as it closes above the 4 Day EMA with RSI above 70 then trade is still on. (4ema is more important). When the stock spikes above the 4ema I take at least half off. One close below the 4 Day EMA can be allowed if the quality of the stock/story is very strong. For low float stocks, volatile stocks, thinly traded stocks, and in bad markets , a judgment call can be used to use the 9EMA> However if so, your potential stop loss would be the 9E

Another chart pattern is the 2-3 Days of rest pattern. A Stock that has met the above criteria remains above the 4 Day EMA and RSI above 70 although the stock rests and even pulls back. On the second or third day of rest stock is likely to continue move upward for a trade. I may enter the stock on the 2nd or 3rd day of rest for a trade targeting a move above the most recent high. (Not Full Proof)

Another Chart Pattern is the Slow Stochastic pattern. This is when a strong stock with substantive reason to be higher ( earnings, growth , recent contract etc.) has been crushed down for no apparent reason other then the market itself. These plays cannot have a negative catalyst associated with it. When you pull up a chart you should have the option to add Slow Stochastic to it and if you see that Slow Stochastic is buried below 20 and that the stock price has been buried below the 4 day EMA, it is a stock that you need to put on your watch-list when the market is bad. For example GPRO, AAPL, LNKD, ect usually when the market is bad they fit this criteria. So what we look for is no negative news, and that these stocks reclaim the 4-day price, as well as, Slow Stochastic hits 20 and above. These can have colossal moves to the upside and take out previous highs. Your risk at that point is the 4 day EMA.

If you are confused on the terms above please click on the links below to help you understand what each of them mean.

How To Set Up Superman’s 3 Chart Views

EMA Definition

RSI Definition

Slow Stochastic Definition

Position Size Thoughts and Links


Welcome all new members !!! A few general thoughts !!!

1) Read and learn my rules!!

2) Not all trades will work !! I nor anybody is 100% accurate !!


4) Learn the Rules and the difference between day trade,, swing, and chart play !!



7) We choose quality over quantity if it is slow I research and do not force trades.

8) No large positions or gambling. No chasing stocks. We take half profit when we are up to protect our gains. We do not hold into an event (earnings , news, approvals) unless we are prepared for the worst case scenario.

9) DO NOT BLINDLY FOLLOW ME OR ANY OTHER PERSON. FOLLOW RULES AND DISCIPLINE. If you follow these rules or a set of disciplined rules I have personally found that is key to build wealth while maximizing gains and minimizing losses. If you do not follow the rules then you are on your own and will most likely lose money. You should make own decisions and be responsible for own trades. This is not investment advice but more showing you my personal strategy.

10) If the siren goes off and I buy or sell something don’t just blindly follow as I may be cleaning up old trades………do own Due Diligence and be responsible for own positions<

Traders that build accounts to over $1mm over time and maintain it have discipline. Traders that blow up accounts have no discipline. Which type of trader will you be ?