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Chart of the Day / DowDuPont Insiders Putting their Money where Their Mouths Are

DowDuPont Insiders Putting their Money where Their Mouths Are

September 4, 2018

DowDuPont (DWDP) insiders are putting their mouth where their money is.

On August 8, 2018, CEO Edward Breen bought 29,580 shares at $67.07.

Over the last few weeks, COO James C. Collins Jr. bought 2,900 shares. CFO Howard Ungerleider bought 8,500 shares. Special Counselor Charles Kalil bought 100,645 shares. And Director Alexander Cutler bought 658 shares.

Judging by recent results, they’re investing in solid growth.

Adjusted non-GAAP earnings for the three months ending in June were up 41% to $1.37 topping forecasts for $1.30. Net sales were up 17% to $24.2 billion,

“Volume growth, local price gains and operating margin expansion were the key highlights, reflecting a clear focus from the businesses on execution,” said Breen. “Our new product launches are resonating with customers, resulting in strong demand across each of our targeted end-markets. These are indicators that our three divisions are making a difference in the marketplace and for shareholders. We have great momentum and our employees are enthusiastic about the future of our intended industry-leading companies.”

After testing an April 2018 low of $61, the stock is now up to $69 a share.