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Chat Room Rules

By accessing the Centurion Publishing Chat network, you are agreeing to all of the rules below. Violation of any of these rules will result in an immediate warning and/or removal from the chat.

  1. Be polite and do not use bad language.
  2. Be respectful and mindful of other traders in the chatroom.
  3. Verbal violence, discrimination, racism, obscene conversations, vulgar content and personal attacks are explicitly prohibited in chat. Any violations to this rule will result in an immediate ban from the chat indefinitely.
  4. Conversations associated with sex, religion, race and politics are explicitly prohibited in chat. Any violation to this rule will result in a immediate ban from the chat indefinitely.
  5. Tickers must be prefixed by a "$". Stock chat abbreviations can be found below (and should never be in CAPS). There is also a list of general chat abbreviations below.
  6. We are not investors. The chat room is not the place for in-depth advise. Do your due diligence on stocks you are trading.
  7. Avoid pumping, promoting or discrediting a stock without the appropriate references. If there are relevant news associated with your comments, please share that information as well as the supporting link.
  8. If you post a stock alert, please indicate the basis for the alert. Simply posting about a stock without any additional information may lead to confusion.
  9. Posting download links to copyrighted material, illegal content, spamming and solicitation is explicitly prohibited in chat. Any violation to this rule will result in a immediate ban from the chat indefinitely.
  10. The embedded chat is NOT intended for customer or technical support. If support is needed, filing a ticket through our official support channels will be required.
  11. Individual or repeated abuses can lead to a complete ban of the offending subscriber from the chat and terminating chat access without refund. Abuses that lead to banning from chat include but are not limited to: spamming, harassment of other users, use of sexually demeaning or racist language, and encouraging people to violate the law.

The purpose of the Centurion Publishing chatrooms is to create a trading community providing an environment where traders can share ideas, strategies and promote financial growth by helping each other progress.

Ownership of and responsibility of the comments made in the chat room remains with those who type the comments. We ( Centurion Publishing ) are not responsible for the statements made in the chat room by individuals taking part in the conversations. We reserve the right to silence, kick, or ban anyone from the chat room at our sole discretion. We ( Centurion Publishing) are not financial advisers. We do not provide financial advice in any way or form. We cannot tell you whether you should or shouldn't make a trade. All traders are responsible for making their own trading decisions about what and when to trade.

All conversations on public channels are logged and archived for quality assurance and periodic review.

Stock chat abbreviations

  • a/n — Afternoon
  • b/o – Breakout
  • o/n – Overnight
  • pre – Pre-market trading
  • a/h – After-hours trading
  • eod – End of day
  • e/r – Earnings release
  • adr – Average daily range of a stock over a number of days (the larger the number the more volatile the stock).
  • l/f – Low float stock (very few shares oustanding, generally under 10 million, so these stocks can move a lot on low volume)
  • ss – Short sell
  • L2 – Level 2 stock quotes
  • hod – High of the day (not including pre-market data)
  • nhod – New high of the day (used when a stock has broken above a previous high)
  • 52h – 52 week high
  • lod – Low of the day (not including pre-market data)
  • nlod – New low of the day (used when a stock has broken below a previous low)
  • 52l – 52 week low
  • sup – Support
  • res – Resistance
  • red – A stock that is below its previous day’s close
  • green – A stock that is above its previous day’s close
  • r/g – A stock going from red to green
  • g/r – A stock going from green to red
  • etb – Easy to borrow (shares to short)

Common chat abbreviations

  • afk – Away from keyboard
  • idk – I don’t know
  • iirc – If I remember correctly
  • imho / imo – In my (humble) opinion
  • ttyl – Talk to you later
  • bbl – Be back later
  • lol – Laughing out loud
  • pm – Private message
  • tia – Thanks in advance
  • ty – Thank you
  • yw – You’re welcome

Common stock-related abbreviations

  • MM – Market maker